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Travel Tips

Passport & Visa
Passport must have minimum 6 months validity. In nearly every case 30 day Gratis Visa is provided upon entry for tourists Business travelers are sometimes required to obtain a entry visa, especially if arriving from Afghanistan. You may also require a yellow fever inoculation certificate if coming from South America or Africa. In all cases please consult your travel agent and or government advisory before departure. 
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Exchanging Money
A great place to change money is at the airport upon arrival, all major banks are represented and you'll get an immediate idea of what to expect in Sri Lanka, because, all the money changers are lined up in a row and will tout for your business; don't feel threatened, approach with caution and learn to bargain. When departing any remaining currency can be exchanged at the airport before entering customs check in area or be used inside the terminal. Check in is 3 hours before departure "perhaps a little excessive".

Duty Free
The airport duty free shop is open 24 hours (unless they feel like closing) and is located just after immigration. They have an extensive variety of international wines, liquor, cigarettes, confectionery etc. Wine and imported spirits can be quite expensive in hotels and to purchase from local super markets; make your purchases before going to claim baggage; you will need your passport.

The Sri Lankan currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR), but have a passion for US Dollars. However, all major currencies are exchanged in most hotels and at the airport, which is not a bad place to exchange a little currency for tipping etc. One would definitely get a better rate of exchange for US Dollars, but I don't know the equation since you generally loose 1 ½ percentage points or more in converting to US dollars in the first place. If in doubt take US dollars. Personally "don't bother with too much cash, as credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere" When exchanging currency the best rate will be at banks; if you have the time!

Credit Cards
Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, even in smaller stores.
American Express is also accepted, but not as widely as Visa and Mastercard.

Hot and sticky on the coast 28-32C and very humid. In the mountains around Nuwara Eliya it gets quite cool, by Sri Lankan standards, especially at night 15-10C sometimes colder. That's summer temperatures for European's, but for Aussie's wear two layers; unless you're from Tasmania or Melbourne.

What to Wear & NOT to Wear

Sri Lanka is a very conservative country so as a general rule modesty is the best policy. Light loose cotton clothing is advisable. In places of worship or of cultural importance showing shoulders and legs (above the knee) is frowned upon, that includes wearing short trousers. You will also be required to remove your footwear and head ware. Having a sarong or a wrap with you when visiting places of worship could get you out of a sticky spot. Also having a spare pair of socks to wear at Dambulla cave temple or at Annuradharapura will help you avoid what I would call a "fire walking experience". Nudity or topless bathing is definitely not permitted; locals will get quite upset-"please restraint yourself from any urge to take your gear off in public."

Sun & Surf
Sun worshippers must bring sun tan lotion. Sri Lanka is surrounded by beaches, but not all beaches are safe for swimming. Some beaches have very steep faces, which create under currents and rips, which pull you out to sea. Some beaches are very close to coral out-crops  "be very careful" as coral will cut you. The pool may be for you!

Food & Drink
Included in bed and breakfast are superb breakfasts, by any standard, I suggest making the most of it! Local food is by far the cheapest and the best. At breakfast try hoppers, plain or with an egg in the centre or string hoppers, which are like rice noodles. Eaten either with fish or chicken curry and sambals. "Lingus" a peppery pork sausage is also a favorite. While travelling, if you like, ask your driver to stop at a Kade (or local shack/café) and get you some pan rolls (fish or meat filled), seeni sambol rolls (spicy onion filled), mas panne rolls (fish or meat filled), godamba roti filled with either seeni sambol or egg. These are an ideal snack or lunch. Your driver will find you the best and safest kade. All other things are imported at great expense thus high prices. Wait for steaks and leaf salads back home, you may be disappointed. Although on my last trip I thoroughly enjoyed a prime cut of superb Aussie beef and a Penfold's red, at the Colombo Hilton. In Nuwara Eliya they produce the world’s finest teas, so it's pointless complaining about the coffee. Something I've sadly witnessed on more than one occasion.

Pick Pockets & Safes
If your room does not have a good safe, place cash, passports or jewelry in the hotel safe at reception. Place such items in a bag or folder so that nothing can be seen. Or keep those items in a discreet place, dirty socks or laundry. Do what is comfortable for you! Like anywhere in the world, theft does occur so you should not be careless. Similarly be cautious and keep everything close to your body or in front of your body, when in large crowds. Thus avoiding pickpockets. The best deterrent is caution and awareness!

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